Evelyn with cousins Reva and Rudy

Evelyn with cousins Reva and Rudy

Circa 1954. Here I am hangin’ with my cousins Rudy and tomboy Reva. I remember spending the night and playing “circus” on her twin beds – once. Reva wanted to be the cannon and that left me with the role of the clown being shot out of the cannon. She laid on her bed, put her legs in the air, and I sat on the soles of her feet for her to catapult me over onto the other bed.

Reva: “Ready?”
Evelyn: “No!”

Next thing I knew I was flying through the air with the least of ease and landing on the floor on my back between the twin beds. No broken bones, thank goodness. I looked up at her “I killed Evelyn and now my Mom’s gonna kill me!” face and burst out laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks. Reva and I woke up several times that night laughing uncontrollably. We laughed about it for the rest of our lives. One simple question would set us off.

“Remember the time we played circus?” she asked me one last time when I saw her in 2003. We were both in our mid-fifties. It was all we ever needed to dissolve into giggles and tears like a couple of 6-year-olds. Maybe someday we’ll play circus again cousin – but this time I’ll be the cannon. Miss you Reva.

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